About Us

The purpose of First Baptist Church, Redwater, TX is to unite in one body of Christ through the Holy Spirit to reveal experience and share the gospel to an ever-changing community and world.

We are a church that is centered around relationships. We are committed to share the love that comes from God to our community. Together we can accomplish a lot more for the kingdom than by ourselves.

A person may join this fellowship by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and following in believer’s baptism, or by moving his/her current membership to this body of believers. We want to ensure that each person who desires church membership has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We encourage you to share your desire to become a Christian or move your membership with a minister. Each person will receive guidance to assure proper understanding of salvation, baptism, and church membership.


Contact Us

Redwater First Baptist Church Mailing: PO Box 98Physical: 105 Redwater Blvd East Redwater, TX 75573


Phone: (903) 671-2142 Fax: (903) 671-2257




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