90 Day Pay Off Challenge


Over the past 10 years, this graphic has been seen all over the church, in the bulletin and here in our monthly newsletter. This graphic has been representative of the debt we incurred as a church to complete the building of the Family Ministry Building (nearly $500,000). This building is used on a weekly basis as a hub of activity for our church body. Children, youth and adults are through out the building for the purpose of the Kingdom. The debt the church body took on was to continue our ever expanding youth and children’s ministry. We want to stay thank you to those who have faithfully given over the past years, either in their weekly offerings or in special fundraisers we have held to erase this debt. Payment after payment, about $3,000 at a time, we inch ever closer to being able to completely pay off this debt. Every dollar counts more and more the closer we get to that zero. With that in mind, we have decided to ambitious and put forth a challenge to pay off our debt in 90 days, beginning September 2 and ending November 30. We have had a generous donation to help pay off our debt. This donor has agreed to match up to $10,000 in the next 90 days. That means that every $1 you give equals $2 toward close out our debt. If we are able to meet this $10,000 challenge, we would like to remind you that we have had $10,000 in a reserve account for the Family Ministry Building, which would be mean we would be able to completely pay off the debt in 90 days! How great would that be! Would you pray and consider giving toward the FMB debt? Simply mark FMB debt on your Tithe and Offering envelop or write a note in the memo of your check. We have trusted God to be faithful in this time and know He will continue to be as we are good stewards of the money He gives us.


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