Life Groups at FBC Redwater are all about sharing life together. Each group meets on different nights to discuss the year long study we go through but it is more than just that. Life Groups get to dive deep in God’s Word and how it practically applies to the life of the members. We believe that through Life Groups we are able to better emulate Christ and be the Church that we are called to be. Life Groups worship, serve, fellowship and learn together. In 2014, Life Groups will be engaged in writings from the Apostle John and specifically in the book of 1 John.

“Life Groups are a unique way to share the Gospel and at the same time share our lives with others with these goals in mind of becoming closer to each other as well as to become closer with Christ. And actually there is nothing to compare with daily reading and studying God’s Word.”

Johnny Payte

“Being part of a life group enables you to connect with a small number of people in a very intimate way. As we study God’s word together we are able to see how the scriptures relate to our daily lives. Keeping each other accountable is also an encouragement.”

Peggy Wharton

“I think it’s important to study God’s Word in different ways and with different people.  I love the bond that is created through a small diverse group. I also like the accountability and the interaction of all members.  Meeting every other week fits most schedules, and we get to do extra things as a group too.  I think we have the best Life Group…”

Denise Ward